Introducing Scratch

Sick of the same old web logs with bloated HTML interfaces? Tired of loading up some crusty, poorly designed web site to post and read web logs? If you're asking yourself "Why am I using this primitive web browser to do this when I already have perfectly good tools at my disposal?", then Scratch is the cure for your itch.

What Scratch Is

Scratch is the minimalist's web log. Scratch gives you nothing more than the meta-weblog API for posting. Reading is done via Atom or RSS. That's it. There's no HTML to hack up. You don't have to use the same, tired old web log template that everyone else is using. Break out of that blue, rounded rectangle! Be original! Thumb your nose at those primitive apes still using the web! Use Scratch! Scratch can also serve as a framework for developing your own weblog package.

What Scratch Isn't

In one word: Fancy. You won't find categories, you won't find comments, you won't find multiple users. That's not what we're about. If you want that stuff, use Elite Journal. Scratch is what it is, and that's all it wants to be.

Acceptible Contributions

That is not to say we won't take contributions. We will. But only very specific changes will be allowed in. The only things that can be added to scratch are more APIs for posting, and more formats for reading. That's it. No HTML, no categories, nothing like that.